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A good first impression can make all the difference and in the world of business that means your website holds the potential to make or break a sale. If a customer isn’t impressed by your site, it’s likely they’ll move onto one of your competitors – giving them the sale and a new loyal customer.


If you want your site to pull in customers, you need to stay up-to-date with the current trends. And this means making regular upgrades to your site so that you’re always a step ahead of your customer (and your competition). If you’re wondering how to make your website more attractive, try out these trends that are driving traffic to other sites.


Monochromatic Color Palette

One thing that is driving design is simplicity. Some of the hottest sites are embracing a clean and clear look by settling on one color and presenting it in multiple shades. The key is to embrace the possibilities offered with the various shades, which shouldn’t limit any other designs you’re set on including.


Background Pictures

Instead of a textured pattern or seasonal backdrop, find an awe-inspiring photograph that can work as your background. You can opt for an image that is directly relevant to your message, or something that simply exudes a feeling you want your customers to have.



Content is important, but don’t assume that means lots of text.  Any time there’s an opportunity to replace text with an effective image, you should take it. Not only will images help get your message across and make your site look nicer, but they’re also easily shareable on social media.


Flat Design

Shadows and 3-D effects are a thing of the past. The current trend towards simplicity is bringing back flat design, which can probably best be seen with Apple’s newest iOS. The key is to simplify your design and make it easy for your customers to focus on what you want them to see – with no additional distractions.


Mobile Appeal

There was a time when mobile functionality was the hottest game in town, but now that has become a basic expectation. To take your mobile site a step further, make sure it is not only functional, but also appealing and easy to use.  Customers are using their phones more and more and the last thing you want is to miss a sale simply because your mobile site appeared outdated.



Video is a great way to mix up your content and give your customers an easy way to digest information.  In place of written directions, try posting a How To video or video testimonials in place of the standard customer quotes.


In today’s fast-paced world, you have only seconds to pull your customer in. An attractive website that stands out among competitors is the first step towards impressing the masses. Simplify your site with a clean design, beautiful images, and interactive videos and you will begin to make a name for yourself as a cutting-edge authority in your industry.